World Blood Donor Day Celebrated

Along with the international community, World Blood Donor Day was observed here on 16th June 2014. Tthe day was an occasion for serious personal reflection as well as a day to thank the world's regular, voluntary blood donors and to clear misconception regarding donating blood.

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TC bids farewell to Ms Rinzin Wangmo

Tibet Charity bids sad farewell to Ms Rinzin Wangmo who is leaving for Australia with her family. She has joined us in February 2008 as an English teacher to teach the newcomers from Tibet who were just beginning to learn the basics of English language.


Tibet Charity joins ABC Camp at Spiti

On the request of Nature Conservation Foundation in Mysore (NCFM), two staff of Tibet Charity Animal Care Section joined 10 days  ABC at Spiti from 20th to 30th of May. The rising dog population has been a serious threat to the lovestock.

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Know Tibet Charity

Lakha RinpocheTibet Charity was founded by Venerable Lakha Rinpoche in 1998 in Denmark with the help of a group of dedicated supporters. The aim was to help poor and needy Tibetans of India and Nepal.

The Charity grew rapidly as more people joined the cause. In 2000 a branch opened in Sweden with its own board members and office.

As the Charity expanded it found itself in a position to do real good for the community. At that point the decision was made to open an office in India. It was felt that this was needed to bridge the gap between the sponsors and the beneficiaries and to garner information about local need.

The new building was inaugurated in September 2004 and the Charity started its’ work in January 2005. With the establishment of the Indian office, Tibet Charity was now in a position to bring maximum benefit to the people and to bring help to the remote places that had been inaccessible from a purely European base.

Now Tibet Charity has earned the deep appreciation of the public who see it as a Society that directly alleviates the condition of the poor and the needy. Today we work in close cooperation with many other NGOs and individuals around the world to provide maximum benefit to the public. We also work closely with the various Departments of Central Tibetan Administration while dealing at the same time with individuals and Societies in various Tibetan Settlements and schools.